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Recruitment Procedures

Our aim is to be on your side and part of your team. We will make you our permanent client with our personalised services, and that is a challenge. Please feel free and fax your requirements.


Please fax us job description & details of contract, number of working hours, number of candidates required, pay and perks offered, any other specific requirement, time scheduled within which the selection is to be completed etc.


We will shortlist the candidates from the CVs registered in our data bank. Head Hunting or through advertisements whenever necessary. Clients can save on the ads expenses as their requirements are generally met from our vast data bank of CVs. However, in case of hard category, if we feel that the advertisements are necessary, prior approval of the client is taken for release of

advertisements on clients behalf. The actual cost of advertisement is paid by the Employers alongwith the approval. Artwork is done by us free of cost for the clients.


Work agreement of selected candidates is faxed to us by the clients for consent & signature of the candidates before applying for the Visas / NOCs. We ensure that medically tested candidates are available to you within 15 days of receipt of their visas and other travel related documents. Candidates are finally selected in the following methods :

  1. Directly from the shortlisted CVs in case the client does not want to come to Bombay for personal interviews. Client can ask for telephonic interviews also.
  2. Clients interviews at Bombay / any other selected places in India. Clients inform us the names of the candidates they wish to interview. We arrange and co-ordinate the interviews and skill test at mutually agreed time and place.

In light of the above mentioned credentials and our past performance, we are confident and can categorically assure you that we can meet any manpower requirements expeditiously to your entire satisfaction.

We once again reiterate that the manpower we supply is the best in all cadre. In view of the above, we earnestly look forward to have an early favourable response from you. In case you need any further information kindly let us know.