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Resume and Interviewing Tips

Resume Tips:

- Don't feel the need to restrict your resume to one page. Avoid using three or more pages.

- Begin your Resume with your education. Have a Skills or technical section. Follow with your Experience in reverse chronological order. Go into the most detail for the last 3-5 years.

- Use bullets or short paragraphs and begin them with action words and phrases. Examples: Responsible for. Designed, Developed, Supported, Tested, Enhanced, Maintained.

- Leave white space.

- Include technical detail in the Experience section of the resume. It's not enough to have technical buzzwords with no follow up information.

Interview Tips:

- Review the company literature prior to interviewing - make sure you are fully prepared.

- Don't say negative things about your present employer during the interview. It's O.K. to think they are "heading in the wrong direction" or "aren't providing new technical challenges". It's NOT O.K. to "want to strangle my boss every time I see him/her."

- Listen

If you find yourself floundering, don;'t hesitate to say you don't have the answer. Many technical interviewers will try to probe the boundaries of your knowledge to see how you react, not just to see what you know and don't know.

- Be prepared to speak in technical terms about recent projects.

- Be able to elaborate on the information in your resume and explain what your role was.

- Show passion and interest in your recent projects and accomplishments.

- Ask questions that relate to the business of the company.Examples: market share, profit margin, add on business, how is the documentation and support?

- Before the discussion ends, ask if you should clarify any points in the discussion.

- If interested, go after the job!

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