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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your Company has a Government Licence for Exporting Manpower?
2. How long we take to send the Candidates to the job after reciept of the visa ?
3. Where are the Interviews generally held?
 4. In case the vacancies are not there can the CV's be given to you for your Data bank?

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1. Yes we are registered , and we are offered the License to Export the Man power,
The license no is 002924/MUM/PER/1000/3/4780/96
Golden Nimbus Marine & Offshore  EXREC (Ex-Servicemen Resettlement Centre)

2. It generally takes fifteen days to send the person abroad on the job after the visa is approved.

3. The Interviews are generally held in Bombay (Mumbai ) In our Office or sometimes Venue is as per the Advertisements in the Newspapers.

4. We always keep the updated Databank of the indivisuals and refer them to the Clients as an when the Vacancies arise.